video production

all our video productions are connected to our photographic work. we always strive to have an outstanding photographic quality in order to give an elegant and cinematic look to each video production. all our video clips have a creative concept behind, and are always realized with a film director and with the help of state-of-the-art technology.

tv commercial 90'' for la torrente - "il buon pomodoro italiano"​

video spot 90'' for ssc napoli calendar 2021

video adv 20'' for b-rent - "liberi di guidare"

video adv 15'' for angela solla - "NYC"

tv commercial 90'' for impero couture - "a love story in capri"

video adv 30'' for la torrente - "è sempre una festa"

introducing olga for casting napoli 150''

video adv 45'' for luca barra - "attimi di gioia"​

image campaign 45'' for kor@kor spring summer 2015

video adv 30'' for myron italian menswear

video campaign 120'' for angela solla - "emozione senza fine"

video adv 60'' for supermercati piccolo

video adv 30'' for coconudina

image campaign 60'' for faag men's tailoring spring summer 2019

video editorial 60'' for pink life magazine - "femmena napulitana"

video adv 20'' for le blu swimwear​

video adv 30'' for carthusia i profumi di capri - "corallium"​

video adv 50'' for paul martin's fall winter 2018​

video adv 40'' + 15'' for klipp

video adv 60'' for myron italian menswear

video adv 40'' for capri vice swimwear​

video adv 120'' for romon - "journey to italy"

video adv 40'' for alcott fall winter 2015

image campaign 90'' for noshua